15th International Workshop on the Identification of Dark Matter 2024

Jul 8-12 2024 L'Aquila (Italy)

Scientific Program

The plenary sessions of the conference will focus on pivotal questions and themes about the current and future status of dark matter (DM) search:

  • What do we really know about the dark matter in the Universe?
  • How can we indirectly infer its existence and its nature from cosmology and astrophysics?
  • How can we directly detect its presence in experimental apparatus on Earth?
  • What is the status of indirect dark matter experiments and searches at accelerators?
  • Is it possible to build a consistent and comprehensive theoretical framework for the dark matter, as emerging from physics beyond the Standard Model?
  • How can we advance further with theory, phenomenology, and experiments from the current standpoint?

Parallel sessions will feature specific topics that aim to foster discussions and exchange of ideas. A poster session will also be included.

  • Cosmological framework
  • General theoretical framework
  • Open questions
  • Direct DM searches
  • Indirect DM searches
  • DM searches at accelerators
  • What can we learn from astrophysics?
  • New path: interdisciplinary ideas beyond WIMP paradigm

Confirmed invited speakers:

Dillon Brout
Marco Bruni
Paolo Salucci
Andrea Cimatti
Julia Vogel
Manuel Mayer
Maria Elena Monzani
Lucia Canonica
Aldo Ianni
Daniel Baxter
Ciaran O’Hare
Christian Strandhagen
Tim Linden
Yidong Xu
Francesca Calore
Hai-bo Yu
Howie Baer
Cliff Burgess
Tim Tait
Katie Freese
Jocelyn Monroe