15th International Workshop on the Identification of Dark Matter 2024

Jul 8-12 2024 L'Aquila (Italy)

Visa Information

Italy belongs to the Schengen Area. Participants are invited to check for any visa requirements in order to enter Italy by visiting the page: https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

Applications for letters of invitation will be accepted by the IDM2024 Secretariat until June 10th, 2024. To request a visa, please send an email to info-idm2024-loc@lists.infn.it with the subject “Invitation letter for VISA request” and provide the following information:

      • Name and surname as written on your passport
      • institutional e-mail (no gmail or other)
      • Scanned copy of your passport
      • Name and address of your home institute
      • Dates of your stay in Italy (including flight dates if possible)
      • Place of stay (name of the hotel that you have reserved and written confirmation of reservation)


Please note that it is mandatory to register for the IDM2024 conference before claiming letters of invitation. All visa-related documents issued by LNGS cannot grant any financial support from the organizers.